Strategy, architecture, and development for mobile and desktop software.

Some choices are better than others.

Smartphones – tablets – browsers – performance – user experience…


We are in an era of unprecedented technology churn. All choices have risk. How do you put yourself in the best position to succeed?

Motis Consulting can help. Read more about Motis Solutions and Contact us for help with your product strategy, architecture, or development needs related to mobile or desktop software applications.


Built with quality, efficiency and experience


Software development, and specifically mobile technology, means opportunity but many challenges and choices.

  • Which platforms?
  • What devices?
  • How much will it cost?​

Richness competes with reach and time-to-market. Businesses must find a best fit given the many constraints of each unique situation. Motis can provide concrete guidance to navigate through this decision process, and to make the most of where your money is spent.


​Once a strategy is chosen it is important to create an architecture that maximizes your investment, preserving future change options and using solid architectural principles that help developers be as productive as possible. Motis has the experience to assist with, or fully define, your software architecture foundation.


Executing on software development allows you to realize your plan by making a connection with consumers that pays off. But software development often surprises business with unexpected delays or disappointing quality. This is where experience on successful projects pays off.

Motis has the experience and know-how to provide development services directly for your needs. Or, use Motis to provide planning and guidance for your existing development staff.


Dennis Welu is the President and CEO of Motis Consulting. Dennis brings twenty-something years of experience in software development to the table ranging from hands on engineering to product management to executive leadership. He has been a consultant to clients large and small – from startup to Fortune 500 companies.

Over the years Dennis h​​as developed a network of best-in-class associates that can be called on for projects to fulfill development, documentation, business analysis, design, development, architecture, and project management needs.

Motis Consulting has a home base in the beautiful Mississippi river town of Dubuque, Iowa. But Motis has experience in distributed collaboration and development – making the hard-working and loyal qualities found in this Midwestern community available anywhere


Cartegraph Systems

“I have worked with many outside software engineering firms in my career, but few of them compare to Dennis Welu at Motis. He is an excellent overall software engineer and very good mobile developer. He is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable in his field. Dennis is an excellent worker, project manager, trainer and programmer. Truly one of the best experiences.”

– Dave Robbins, COO

“It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your knowledge, leadership, and mentorship! I appreciate not only what you have done for the mobile field wo​​rker app but also the help you have given our mobile team.”

– Mike Dempewolf, Senior Software Engineering Manager

Flare Design and Consultancy

“I’ve worked with a lot of consultancies over the years in various fields. I found Dennis and Motis through Xamarin themselves when looking for a consultancy who was highly skilled and experienced in the Xamarin platform as I’d had some frustrating experiences while trying to port an application “to a budget”. I can genuinely say Dennis and Motis have over delivered on my expectations, on top of delivering professional code and architectural advice on time I’ve found Dennis to genuinely go out of his way to ensure every phase of a project is a success. I honestly hope I never have to look for another Xamarin consultancy.​”

– Keith Boynton, Company Director


“We are very pleased with the work done by Dennis Welu and Motis Consulting!  Our hireGEMS™ App was created for Apple and Android to perfection.  Their expertise lead to an on-time rollout that is professional looking and works flawlessly.  I highly recommend!”

– Dan Longton, President HRgems, Inc.


“Roses are red

Violets are blue

Dennis rocks

let him build an app for you!”

​- Randy Grafton, Co-founder, Software Architect

McCullough Creative

Pars Omni

“Motis Consulting handled a critical component in our Mac application that we didn’t have the in-house experience to do well or efficiently.  Their work was excellent in every way, from discovery, through architecture and development to testing, deployment and documentation.  Everything about Motis Consulting is very professional and we are very satisfied with the cost. We are very happy with Dennis and his company and highly recommend him for any development project.”

– Bill Munroe, ​CFO

Relyence Corporation

“Dennis is great to work with – he combines that rare combination of technical knowledge and people skills that is hard to find. Dennis’ technical expertise is top-notch. We also counted on Dennis to provide advice, guidance, and leadership for our team. We would highly recommend Motis Consulting.​”- Eileen Howald, CTO


Three Rivers FS

“Dennis with Motis consulting truly gets to know your business, long term goals and objectives prior to entering a business relationship with you.”

​- Dale Hefel, COO

Virtual Therapy Connect

“We have worked with Dennis Welu for two years and he has become an integral part of our IT development team. He has taken our software from the concept and design stage and delivered to the marketplace a high-quality, reliable and innovative product. During each step of the software development process, Dennis set measurable benchmarks and provided all deliverables in a very timely manner. He is extremely detail oriented, excellent at project management, and possesses great technical expertise. We highly recommend Dennis, not only because he is highly skilled, but also because he brings great energy and insights to our team!”

​- Co-Founders:

Martha H Ireland, PhD, RN, CS

Jennifer Arute Jones, MBA